Change Management

Re-organization, innovation pressure and reform bottlenecks are key words that can mean enormous demands for leaders and teams in business and politics. Where re-organization seems to superimpose the actual tasks or change programs begin before others are completed, frustration and even resignation can rise.

Change however is a mere fact. Whether change is driving us or we remain where we are, whether we manage to meet the demands or whether we actually shape the future, all that depends on ourselves.
In the never-ceasing stream of events, it is important to understand the concerns and risks of internal and external stakeholders and to take the significant differences in adjustment speeds into view. In quickly developing markets, where adaptation and innovation must succeed repeatedly, we need, in addition to courage and a feeling for the right moment, we also need to preserve the values we already achieved. Only from an awareness of healthy rooting, successful teams draw the strength to initiate and adopt innovation.
This way, besides a sense of risk we also gain a perspective on the many opportunities to grow – for people and for organizations.
Together with you we develop and escort a process, that makes aware of existing resources, activates potential and creates the space and the readiness for effective and welcome innovation. We begin with the right qualitative and quantitative analysis, which soon allows for the design of an efficient process architecture.


In executive coaching, we combine the resource orientation and open-mindedness of modern systemic approaches and methods with proven motivational models and management tools on the basis of academic psychology and cognitive science.

A professionally accompanied process can release significant potential and reduce the experienced stress. For this purpose, we reflect on personal objectives, existing resources are made aware and are strengthened. Sometimes restricting, problem-centered behavior and thought patterns are identified. In this case we develop alternatives to expand the horizon for new views and actions. The focus can be on practicing constructive and effective communication styles and management and working techniques. It may be on questioning and expanding the perception of oneself and the social environment and can proceed to an in-depth undestanding of motivational patterns and personality aspects affecting personal life and professional performance. Experience shows that this focus will change and evolve on the way…

q7“When it is time to rethink our goals and strategies, at Q7 we take a day time. We reflect on where we are, what we have accomplished, what we can be proud of already and where we should still improve. We are talking about trade-offs and potential and gain a clearer picture of where to go next. We ask Nikolai Baumeister to plan these workshops for us and to guide us through the process, so that we ourselves can focus entirely on content. In the weeks after these workshops it then feels as if we had redoubled our force…”


Structured methods balancing conflicts of interest constructively and oriented on mutual benefit today belong to the indispensable tools in business and politics.

In many cases, the investment in a professional mediation between the parties already when processes are stagnant can ensure the prevention of conflicts and avoid critical risk. In advanced and critical cases of conflict, professional methods and experienced mediators can generate conflict-solving perspectives, identify alternative courses of action or produce readiness to compromise. Prudently securing a constructive solution saves immense delays and cost of continued escalation. Depending on the case, we offer to engage in mediation ourselves or offer advice in the planning and selection of a colleague experienced for your context and your concern. Here, neutrality and confidentiality are at the center of the employment relationship.

Training & Seminars

The need for education and training of managers and team members is constantly growing. In addition to the sustained delivery of content, timely and cost-effective planning and implementation are crucial.

For our seminars on leadership, communication, presentation and group/team work, we adapt the scope and content exactly to your specific needs and include additional experts from research and practice as required.

Team Building

Despite the variety of organizational structures and cultures we encounter today, teamwork in its many forms is practically ubiquitous. The actual effectiveness of large and small teams and the achieved synergy level among members, however, varies greatly.

But the quality of teamwork – as experienced environment of employees or as a measurable performance indicator – is a key factor not only for motivation and employee satisfaction, but ultimately for the sustained success of entire companies, administrations and other organizations. The factors for successful teams are complex. They range from the composition of professional and social skills, the member’s role understanding and an appropriate management behavior through communication and patterns, cooperation and competition behavior to the team’s learning styles and level of reflection.
Tailored to your context and your requirements we offer and implement the right formats to increase teamwork and leadership skills by training and individual coaching. We make teams aware of their cooperation and communication behaviour and the impact on performance, we introduce successful alternatives induce a beneficial feedback culture.

“For nearly a decade Mr. Baumeister takes regularly and with reliable success for us tasks in international project and team management.”

Strategy Development

The development of a successful and crisis-proof strategy for individual products, brands, departments or entire enterprises, places high demands on those responsible even in smaller organizations.

Substantive complexity, decisions of considerable impact under conditions of uncertainty and the potential for conflicts of interest can complicate this process. Due to short innovation cycles and a high degree of agility in today’s markets, the need for strategy development and adaptation has become an iterative process in many contexts. For planning, facilitation and follow-up of this process, we offer you valuable skills. Even in the form of a simple moderation of strategic considerations consultations are benefitial. It pays off to step back from the everyday routine and to take the time and perspective for planning, evaluation of progress and readjustment of a choosen course of action. All the more in more in more complex situations: Here we support you in the analysis of affected environments and the interests of the stakeholders, in the development of performance indicators, the prioritization of objectives and where required in the selection of tools for complexity reduction and for scenarios modeling.
We also advise on issues of strategic alignment: Only through proper internal communication a strategy is understood, internalized and successfully implemented.

Skilled Personnel & Leadership

In the selection and training of technical staff and managers the responsibles often have high standards. Nevertheless, often much is long delayed or left to random opportunities.

Managers and personnel departments sometimes do not find the time, do not encounter the right level of willingness or resources for a professionally planned process of selection or for education and training with the desired level of professionalism, completed in a timely manner.
We support you through evaluation, requirements analysis, the design of assessment centers and guide you in the standardization and optimization of fair and professional selection processes as well as in the planning of training measures and programs.